Proyecto B

Development of Public Policies

One of our objectives is to influence public policies related to criminal justice, juvenile justice and especially in relation to the social reintegration of people who have violated the law.

We seek to promote the improvement and modernization of public policies based on proven evidence of results and success in social programs.

Our added value is to emphasize the importance of employability in the construction of new life projects for young people, which tend to desist from a life linked to crime.

The value of support to the company is to improve its contribution to social inclusion.

A – We contributed in the modification of the Administrative Statute to allow the recruitment of people in 2013 (Law 20702).


B – We contribute in generation of new line of financing for Labor Intermediation of young offenders of Law (Law of subsidies Sename 20.032).


C – We are working on Proposal to Flexibilize the System of Elimination of Criminal Antecedents (Decree Law 409).


D – We promote the reduction of the use of imprisonment as a solution to the problem of juvenile crime, highlighting its damages and problems of social marginalization, as well as promoting the use of sanctions and supervision measures in the community.