Proyecto B


Foundation Proyecto B seeks to contribute to the social reinsertion of young people between the ages of 18 to 29 years old who are serving a sentence through labour.

We select young people most suited to the available jobs and we prepare them and the companies for their role and responsibilities in the program.

Our programme runs for 1 year during which we working with these youths helping them to develop their employability skills with biweekly visits to their homes and work places.


1. Pre-Work Intermediationl

Management of work quotas and training, selection of participants based on a particular model focused on skills for employability, training of actors.

2. Training:

Supervision, management and facilitation of learning spaces.

3. Placement

Placement in stable jobs, formal and salary according to the position, where they have opportunities to improve their work status and acquire new knowledge linked to the practice.

4. Support employability and follow-up

24 sessions Workshop on Employability Support and constant monitoring.

5. Closure

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